Kristine Wang started in the corporate world after graduating with an economics degree. However, she realized that life was too short not to pursue her dreams and was already modeling part-time. After signing with agencies in Austin and Dallas and gaining more knowledge of the industry, she moved to Los Angeles and was signed in LA, NY, and Miami. She’s walked for LAFW, Art Hearts, and has been in several national commercials and prints! Now, Kristine is a recognized model and loves to represent herself through fashion and traveling!

Bargain or name brand?

I definitely prefer name brands because I’d rather have quality that lasts. That being said, I don’t usually buy things full priced! I love finding the best deals so sales are a must!

What was the first designer piece you ever purchased?

When I was in college I was already modeling part time and after my first big job I bought my first Gucci purse!

Would you ever wear the same thing twice on the red carpet?

I would not! I would wear the outfit but not for another red carpet.

How do you keep up to date with current trends?

If I see something that I like that someone else is wearing, I’ll go online to look for it! Nowadays with social media it’s pretty easy to stay trendy because the people I follow have similar styles too.

How do you keep the fun in fashion?!

Dressing up is just fun!! I base my daily style off of my mood so everyday is different. I especially love a good themed party.

Does dressing up and getting out instantly elevate your mood?

Yes, when I dress up it's mostly for me! When you feel hot that’s what’s important.

Do you remember what you wore to prom? And would you wear it again if you had it to do over?

I wore a fully sequenced, trumpet shaped gown in lavender! I would definitely wear it again! If I had it still I would still wear it now!

2022 fashion trend alerts?

Mullets are coming back and I kind of hate it.. Also, bell bottom pants and a lot of retro designs are back which I’m in love with!!

Please tell us how to keep up with your fabulous fashion posts!!

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