Catching up with BETH MUECKE

Hi Beth!! We are so excited to have you! Thanks for doing our interview!!

Chanel or Dior? 

Of course I love both, but I'm a total Chanel girl all the way.

What was the first designer piece you ever purchased? 

In college I bought myself a Louis Vuitton bucket bag and duffle.

Would you ever wear the same thing twice on the red carpet? 

I've worn a gown twice to galas, but there's an extended period between.

How do you keep up to date with current trends? 

I like to check out the F/W and S/S runway shows to check out what's happening. I also like to go to the LA Fashion District when I'm there. They carry items that haven't hit the stores yet.

Your style is so fun and seems so effortless. How do you keep the fun in fashion?!

Fashion is a state of mind and an extension of your personality. I like to dress so many different ways and enjoy changing it up. The key is don't be afraid to wear what you want.

Does dressing up and getting out instantly elevate your mood? 

Yes it does. Although, I do love a good day in sweats and no makeup too!

Do you remember what you wore to prom? And would you wear it again if you had it to do over? 

Yes, I wore a strapless graceful gown. I would wear it again for sure. Although it was the 70's, so the material was quiana. yuk.

2021 fashion trend alerts?

Well, I think there will be lots of color to cheer us up. Also, big trousers and little bralettes. 

Please tell us how to keep up with your fabulous fashion posts!!

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